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Rose City Moving & Storage has served both commercial and residential customers in the Portland OR metro area since 1979. Since our humble beginnings, we have also become a trusted Beaverton OR moving company.

Whether it’s helping families move their entire worldly possessions or just taking a few hours to move office furniture from one area of a commercial facility to the next, we take great pride in providing the level of professional moving services you would expect.

We start with a professional consultation to understand our customers’ needs so we are prepared to provide a quality and stress-free move. Our movers will also adhere to strict delivery schedules, ensuring prompt service.

If you are a commercial customer, rest assured that we have the knowledge and experience necessary to disassemble and reassemble complex modular office systems and highly sensitive electronic equipment.

We aren’t just movers, we can also provide professional consultation services to help plan your new office space. We will handle furniture inventory and arrange pre-move meetings with your staff to ensure a smooth move. In addition, we can also handle furniture repair or refurbishing.

Rose City Moving & Storage offers a wide array of services that can be custom fit to your unique needs. Whether you need just a few things transported from your home to a storage or other residence, or have a more complex office move, if you are looking for the best movers in Beaverton OR, come to the pros who have been doing it in your community for more than 30 years.