• Welcome to Rose City Moving & Storage

    Welcome to Rose City Moving & Storage

    Since 1979, Rose City Moving & Storage has served both commercial and residential customers with their moving, storage and office furnishing needs. Over time, we have expanded our capabilities to offer your business the most sophisticated full-service solution in the Oregon and SW Washington region.

    Rose City Moving & Storage can help you take control of your office environment and utilize your space in the most efficient possible way. Sometimes that means reconfiguring your systems furniture, adding new cubicles and workspaces or removing and securely storing unused items into our 188,000 square foot warehouse.

  • New & Used Office Furniture

    New & Used Office Furniture

    Is your office in need of new furniture, if so Rose City Office Furnishings can help!

    Our office furniture division designs, sells and installs different variations of commercial office furniture. We partner with many of the industry’s top manufacturers to offer our customers a complete office furniture solution.

    Desks, chairs, files, cubicles and more … please visit Rose City Moving & Storage for ideas and more information. Rose City Office Furnishings has been helping customers create their ideal workspaces for over 10 years!

  • Need Storage?

    Need Storage?

    Rose City Moving & Storage has a secure 188,000 square foot warehouse, that’s almost 5 acres under one roof!

    People in and around Portland, Oregon have used our warehouse to store everything from medical & office furniture to household goods, we’ve even stored a Dinosaur!

    If you don’t have room in your space for all the good stuff, just ask the Rose City movers to bring it back with them and we’ll take good care of it!

    Our warehouse is fully equipped to protect your property! Learn more about it now!

  • Office Furniture<br />Installation & Moving

    Office Furniture
    Installation & Moving

    Our tenured crews have years of experience installing all types of office furniture. From basic desks and files to complex modular office systems, we have the skills and experience to get the job done right.

    On a daily basis our crews work with furniture from Steelcase, Knoll, Haworth, Friant, Herman Miller, Maxon, AIS, Hon and many more. Not sure what type of furniture you have? Then call the most experienced furniture mover in Portland and we’ll help you figure it out.

Portland Moving and Storage

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Leading All Portland Moving Companies for More Than 35 Years

Portland moving companies are busier than ever these days. Since 1995, the Portland Metro Area has grown by more than 600,000 residents, according to Census Bureau data. Metro officials predict another 725,000 residents by 2035 in and around Portland.

This is why Rose City Movers strives to be the most reliable movers Portland has to offer. Our focus is on reliable Portland moving services and storage, though we help coordinate out-of-town relocations as well.

Our well-trained movers are the heart of our business. The heart is the strongest muscle in the human body, and our moving quotes and pricing are based on exactly how much muscle your move calls for, no  more, no less.

In other words, our prices will meet any budget. Among all Portland moving companies, our full service moving stands out because we plan ahead with our customers. Rose City Movers delivers moving services for homes and offices. Our team is ready to send two movers and a single truck, or a dozen movers and multiple trucks.

How are Rose City Movers different from other Portland moving companies?

Our service level separates Rose City movers from most Portland moving companies. Many of the larger chains with stores in every city coast to coast focus on providing dirt-cheap services at the lowest price possible.

At Rose City Movers, we focus on quality. Our prices are competitive, but safety and security are paramount. When our trusted moving professionals show up, our customers know their possessions are in good hands. No unnecessary risks are taken when hauling heavy or delicate items. Our movers take caution around corners, up flights of stairs, in and out of elevators, and everywhere else.

Here are most common complaints customers write on review websites for Portland moving companies:

  1. Rude to customers or other people while parking a moving truck.
  2. Carried heavy objects too fast or without regard to safety.
  3. Deliberately worked slow, leading to extra billable hours.

This is the sort of nonsense Rose City Movers does not tolerate from our moving professionals. Each member of our staff undergoes thorough safety training. Our training addresses how to properly move a heavy piece of furniture, how to safely carry glass objects or other sensitive materials, how to plan ahead for effective maneuvering through a building, and the best and safest ways to transport items from one location to the next.

Furthermore, our movers are expected to show respect. Courteous, friendly movers and drivers arrive to get the job done on time, every time.

Do other Portland moving companies offer storage?

Portland moving and storage services are typically two separate items. There are national moving and storage companies in town that meet both needs, but Rose City Storage is the leading provider of both moving and storage Portland residents can trust.

Office relocation may require storage from Portland moving companies right away. If an office is relocating from the suburbs to a downtown office, for example, they may need to temporarily store desks, file cabinets and other furniture. The cost of office space is pricier downtown, so affording a new office that fits everything may require moving in multiple stages.

Rose City Storage is happy to keep office furniture secure for this type of relocation. Our movers are trained to help plan for space in the new facility, making it easy to prioritize which items get moved in right away, and which items can be stored until they are needed later.

Our storage facility offers nearly 200,000 square feet of warehousing, which is more than most Portland moving companies have available. Effective logistics and inventory systems allow us to load in and load out items in an efficient manner. Our customers never hear ‘give us a day or two while we look for your stuff ‘once they need it back out of storage.

Safe storage is our guarantee, as we take every precaution against lost or stolen items. Our best practices for Portland storage include constant surveillance, fire hazard protection and even monthly reporting to our customers about their possessions in our warehouse.

Are there other Portland moving companies that offer green moving crates?

Rose City Moving is not the only game in town when it comes to sustainable relocation efforts. However, our team is the most reliable provider of green moving crates in the Portland area. We even fabricate custom shipping cartons for unique objects based on size, weight and how delicate an item is.

When we store items, either for a short while or for a long period of time, we often use our green moving crates. These crates are made from very sturdy, environmentally safe materials that prevent the risk of crushing you might face with cardboard boxes. The crates are designed to be stacked and rolled on dollies and hand trucks, saving time and money between when they are packed up and when they go into the moving truck.

Can I find office furniture from Portland moving companies?

Typically, the answer is no. However, Rose City Movers has a related business that sells office furniture to our customers. This can help save a lot of time when a business needs office moving support. Advance notice may be required for certain pieces of office furniture, so let us know what you need as soon as possible.

If a customer needs a new chair right away when they move offices, but do not have time to shop for one as they get through the move, our team can provide a chair when we help with the move. Simply take a look at Rose City Office Furnishings and let us know what should be brought to the new location.

Our team is trained for the safe installation of items from most major furniture manufacturers. Specific tools, screws, bolts and other items are on hand to get furniture snugly in place during a move. We are also prepared to mount custom shelving, install appliances and run safety checks before the move is considered complete.