green moving tipsWhether you are moving just a few miles away or clear across the country, moving is not just a stress on you but the environment as well. Packing supplies are used almost always only once and then get tossed in the garbage. Most of us use cardboard boxes to store items when we move. How many you use depends on how much stuff you have, but you’re likely talking about dozens of boxes.

With a few basic tips you can lower your impact on the environment and maybe even make your life a little easier as well.

Plan Ahead for a Green Move

Plan ahead. That way you have the time to comfortably figure out what you should keep and what should go. If you want to trim your possessions down, that can help save on the number of boxes you need. Donate as much as you can to avoid unnecessarily taking up landfill space.When you’re ready to start packing, avoid buying new cardboard boxes. There are plenty of places you can get second hand boxes, such as local supermarkets and retail stores. It’s even more convenient if you have room to store old ones from a previous move or items you’ve purchased. Other great options are moving crates, which can be bought or rented. They are made with sturdy plastic and aren’t tossed away after you use them.

Use Recycled Cardboard Boxes

If you find that you still need to buy new cardboard boxes, try to opt for ones that have been made with recycled cardboard.

Get Creative with Packing Materials

You can also get creative with the packing materials you place inside boxes. Instead of using bubble wrap, use soft materials you are packing anyway, such as pillows, sheets and towels.

Even for people who are relatively conscientious about the environment, moving doesn’t usually end up on their radar. But when you consider your move is but one of millions performed every year, it adds up to a lot of potential wasted material that can be avoided with a few simple adjustments.

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