Residential and commercial moving may seem similar at first – they’re both just moving stuff, right? Actually, they are much different projects. Commercial moving jobs tend to involve commercial real estate properties with specific rules. They often require different equipment and have strict timelines.  The logistics of a commercial move can be complex. That’s were the experts at Rose City Moving can help.

Residential Moving

The first thing to know about residential moving is that if you’re looking at Portland movers, almost all residential moving companies are licensed and insured by the Oregon Department of Transportation (or ODOT). This means that the price is regulated, and most jobs will be pretty simple if the customer is prepared. Contact Rose City Moving at 503-285-8100 with any residential moving questions. We’re happy to help.

Commercial Moving

Commercial moving typically requires more planning. A good office mover will help you lay out your new floor plan, arrange pre-moving preparation with the client and property managers, and help you install or replace your furniture. Since Rose City Moving and Rose City Office Furniture share a roof, we can help you move AND manage the transition into the new office.

We have one of the most experienced office moving staffs that can help you with everything from scheduling the elevator and parking to helping install office furniture. Since these jobs tend to be much more complicated than an office move, our experienced crew can prevent major losses in equipment or productivity.

Residential and Commercial Moving

There’s a big difference between residential and commercial moving.

Portland’s Residential and Commercial Moving Experts

Give Rose City Moving and Storage a call at 503-285-8100 and let us help you with your next move. Whether you are moving to your new home or relocating your business office, our moving experts will make sure your valuable belongings are safely packed and moved.