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How To Choose a Moving Company

Portland mover rates are regulated by the State of Oregon, that doesn’t mean all moving companies are the same. One of the first questions that we get at Rose City Moving has to do with price, but what you should really be looking for is quality and experience. Every mover in Portland has about the same rate if they are licensed and insured through the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).  So you should look for a team that you feel comfortable with, not the lowest cost.

The biggest benefit of working with Rose City Moving is the team you’ll be working with. You’ll be assigned a point person who will handle all your questions and coordinate the whole move. That way, you won’t be left in the dark wondering who you need to talk to if there are any changes to the plan. The team you’ll be working with has a lot of experience working with each other. We hire professional movers. Even in the busiest months of the year, you won’t be hiring temporary labor that doesn’t know what they are doing. Our movers are staffed year round, which is very important when you’re paying by the hour.

Residential Moving Pricing

Most reputable companies will run through ODOT. If it’s within 50 miles of Portland, it’s typically billed hourly. If you’re moving outside of the Portland metro area though, many of the same interstate moving rules apply – which means your trip would be priced by the weight and distance. This would be similar to the rules for moving to Texas.

The biggest misconception that we see is that customers don’t always know that local moves have to be done hourly and are based on the actual time it takes to move. So if somebody quotes you a really low rate but then it takes much longer, you still have to pay for the time it takes. You get a little bit more time to pay the bill, but you still have to pay for the time it takes.

For that reason, Rose City Moving focuses on making your move as efficient as possible to help save you money. We’ll help you decide on the amount of movers for you. Often, three guys are more efficient than two because one person can load the truck while the other two haul. We’ll also plan ahead to ensure there are no issues with elevators or loading docks if you’re in an apartment or condo. We also make sure to reserve a parking space right in front of your building as well, so that we’re not wasting time carrying your stuff down the street.

Packing Before Your Move

We can help you carry your heavy items, or we can help you pack up your entire house. We usually do packing on a custom project because it really depends how many things you are moving, but we will definitely take care of any precious objects you might have. We’ve even take photos of book cabinets in order to put them back in the same order!

If we don’t pack for you, making sure that you’re ready for the move is one of the best ways to keep your cost down. The three main factors that increase the cost of your move are how much stuff you have, how prepared you are, and what the access is like on your house. Your level of preparedness is the one factor you can really control.

Qualified Professional Movers

For the families and individuals that we move, we are carrying many of the valuables that they own, including items that have value beyond the price tag. For that reason, we make sure that the people we are sending into your house are professionals, just like you would get with any other service industry. All of our employees are drug-screened and background checked, and the average tenure of our movers is over ten years, which is well above the industry standard.

Many companies will increase their staff during the busy summer months, but we keep our team busy all year long. Our reputation is important to us, so we would much rather have satisfied customers than be able to take on a few more jobs when there is a higher demand.

Moving Storage

If you’re moving out of your house before you move into your new place, we also have an in-house storage facility that you can use. Not only do we offer package pricing, but we have a full warehouse, rather than just a simple storage unit. Most units have a simple padlock, but we have a full security system and fire sprinklers to make sure that your items will be safe and sound.

Concierge Service

From the first time you talk to Rose City Moving to having everything all tucked away in your new home, you’ll be working with one person to make sure your move is executed without any hiccups. We think through every possible detail so that there will be no surprises on moving day and everything gets moved in the blink of an eye. If you have any questions or would like to challenge us with any particularly tricky moves, don’t hesitate at all to give us a call at 503-285-8100. We’re local, and we can help you take the stress out of your Portland area move!

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