Why Should We Use Moving Crates?

Rose City Moving & Storage’s green moving crates are easy to pack, stack and move!

Rose City Moving & Storage’s green moving crates are easy to pack, stack and move!

  • More Efficient Packing – No boxes to assemble, ready to pack now
  • Easier on Employees – Moving crates are packed on their own dollies
  • Saves on Move Costs – Crates are ready to roll when the movers arrive
  • More Secure than Boxes – Lid flaps interlock and can be locked or zip-tied
  • Sturdy and Stable – Solid plastic crates stack and can’t crush like boxes
  • Environmentally Friendly – Made to be reused over and over and over again

Rose City Moving & Storage - Green Moving Crates

The Rose City Difference

Rose City Moving & Storage has invested in thousands of green moving crates in order to provide you with safest, fastest and most environmentally sound move possible. We have enough crates on hand to handle any size move.

For more than 30 years Rose City Moving & Storage has successfully moved many thousands of customers using the industry standard cardboard box, but times change and so have we! Rose City Moving Crates are made of strong, sturdy plastic material so you don’t have to worry about crushing that can occur with boxes. Also, because the Rose City Moving Crates are stacked on dollies and ready to roll, you save time and money when your move day arrives.

Can you still move with cardboard boxes? Of course! There’s still a place for boxes when items are being placed in storage or can’t be unloaded for an extended period of time. Even our boxes are environmentally sound as they are produced from recycled cardboard, used several times and then recycled again. We can even help you move with a mix of traditional boxes and Rose City Moving Crates to find the perfect move solution for you and your staff.