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Recently, I had coffee with Terri, a long-time Rose City Moving and Storage customer. In her capacity as a facilities manager, when it comes to maintaining operational continuity with strict attention to the bottom line, the buck stops at her desk. Her responsibilities have included complex business moves and relocations throughout the Portland Metropolitan area, […]

Office Moving in Portland

THE RX FOR A GREAT BUSINESS MOVE When the time comes to move a business, most of us have the same first reaction. We groan. And considering everything that’s involved, who can blame us? It’s not just the packing and the anticipated operational disruption, there is also the hard work of finding a new home […]

Moving in Oregon – Reputable Movers

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND PROTECT YOURSELF When it comes to moving your home residence or office, in the Portland Metropolitan area, within the state or across the country, one question, often asked, is the one that matters more than any other when it comes to choosing a moving company: What if …? Things happen, sometimes […]

Know your mover?

DO YOU KNOW YOUR MOVER? Why does knowing your mover matter? Peace of mind only scratches the surface of why it does. There’s a lot riding on the moving company – and the people – that you choose to do the job. Making the wrong decision can be expensive in many ways, but how can […]


YOU MIGHT SAY MOVING IS IN OUR BLOOD At Rose City Moving and Storage, we’ve been providing moving and storage solutions for residential and commercial customers throughout the Portland Metropolitan area, and much of Oregon and Southwest Washington, for more than three decades. To stick with anything that long, a wise man once said, you […]

Let’s move Portland!

BEFORE THE HEAVY LIFTING … You know what moving your home or office means. Work, lots of work, thankless work; hot, sweaty, and stressful. Then, on the other side – once you’re there – then what? Work, lots of work, thankless work; hot, sweaty, and stressful. So what can you do? One option – an […]

Multnomah County’s #1 Mover

THANK YOU, MULTNOMAH COUNTY! For your confidence, for your trust, for the recognition and for your business! Recently, Rose City Moving and Storage was invited to submit a proposal to be considered for a contract to provide all moving services for Multnomah County. We’re proud to announce that Rose City was awarded the contract, and […]

Making a green move

CAN YOUR MOVE REALLY BE … GREEN? Yes, it can, and it’s easier than you think. At Rose City Moving and Storage, we take great pride in conducting business in the most environmentally responsible way possible. From an inventory of more than 2700 Green moving boxes made of recycled materials, to our fleet of vehicles […]

Choose the Right Mover

A SUCCESSFUL MOVE STARTS BY CHOOSING THE RIGHT MOVER Simple enough to say, but just how do you choose? One thing nearly everyone agrees upon is that when the time comes to move your home or business, it can be an overwhelming, confusing, and emotionally draining experience with many more questions than answers. We understand. […]

Portland’s Professional Mover

WHATEVER YOUR MOVE, WE’VE GOT THE TOOLS! Every move is unique and it takes moving professionals that understand your needs to get it done right and on-time, start to finish. Whether you’re moving your family to their new home, or your business to its new home, large or small, simple and straightforward to large and […]