Decluttering Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be the most daunting room to pack. There are tons of dishes, silverware, things you haven’t used in years, not to mention the food! Moving is THE time to declutter so arm yourself with these tips and get started!

First Thing’s First
Get started early! A hastily packed kitchen is a recipe for broken dishes and spilled sauces, so plan well in advance of your move. Now is the time to be bold! Be strong! Be discerning! Cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer, follow these tips and you could have a minimized, organized and ready-to-pack kitchen in no time!

  • Say NO! to Expired Stuff! – Check the dates on all food items, if it’s old, toss it in the trash. No excuses!
  • Stuff You Haven’t Used In Months – Maybe you bought that fish sauce for some stir fry months ago and just haven’t had the nerve to use it again, so now’s the time to say goodbye! If it’s not a regular part of your repertoire, let it go!
  • Stuff You Haven’t Opened – If you don’t see yourself using it in the next 3 months, consider giving it to a neighbor or food bank who might! Food should never go to waste, be real with yourself and give someone else a chance to eat it!
  • Sentimental Stuff – That shot glass from Cancun, that wine glass from cousin Jenny’s wedding 18 years ago, if you aren’t actively using it, maybe a photo for the memory will do (better to use space on your phone than space in your cabinet!)
  • Chipped Dishes – Sure that plate you dropped in the sink a few months ago is still mostly good, but chipped dishes are a ticking time bomb for cracks and breakage – the time is now! Let it go and replace that thing!
  • Dish Towel Check – Dish towels, they go through a lot! Use them for packing glassware, but afterwards maybe it’s time to relegate them to the garage and get new ones! New Home New Towels!
  • Cookbooks – We’ve all probably got a couple cookbooks we love that one recipe from, but that’s about it. Take a photo of that recipe and gift that book to someone you know will use it!
  • Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets – Remember last summer when you were all about homemade ice cream cones? Yeah, that was fun, but if you made so many you can never look at one again, gift that waffle cone maker to someone else!

Looking for Portland Moving Companies this summer? Plan your move soon. It happens every year. Portland movers get booked in the middle of summer and people looking for moving companies are forced to scramble for help. Summer is the most popular time to move, so if you’re planning a move between June and September, plan in advance.

Find Qualified Portland Moving Companies

Portland residential movers are regulated on moving prices through ODOT, which means you pay the same rate regardless of the quality of your moving company. That means if you want to get one of the best Portland moving companies, you need to act quickly. Whether you need commercial moving, residential moving, or storage, Rose City can help you out and has qualified, professional movers that can get the job done quickly, without damaging any of your stuff.

When is  the Best Time to Move?

If you do need to move in the summer and you find yourself scrambling at the last second, try moving in the middle of the month. A lot of people move at the beginning or end of the month as their leases expire.

Scheduling a mover in the middle of the week will help you out as well. You should have everything boxed up and ready to go before the movers arrive anyways, so if you pack on Saturday and Sunday and schedule movers for Monday or Tuesday, you may have a little bit more luck finding the right mover.

Call the Portland Moving Experts

Preparing for a move can be stressful, but if you have any questions about a home or office move, give us a call at 503-285-8100 and we can help you out with all the common issues (like renting the freight elevator in your apartment or office building) that people might not think about. We will help make your move a walk in the park.

Residential and commercial moving may seem similar at first – they’re both just moving stuff, right? Actually, they are much different projects. Commercial moving jobs tend to involve commercial real estate properties with specific rules. They often require different equipment and have strict timelines.  The logistics of a commercial move can be complex. That’s were the experts at Rose City Moving can help.

Residential Moving

The first thing to know about residential moving is that if you’re looking at Portland movers, almost all residential moving companies are licensed and insured by the Oregon Department of Transportation (or ODOT). This means that the price is regulated, and most jobs will be pretty simple if the customer is prepared. Contact Rose City Moving at 503-285-8100 with any residential moving questions. We’re happy to help.

Commercial Moving

Commercial moving typically requires more planning. A good office mover will help you lay out your new floor plan, arrange pre-moving preparation with the client and property managers, and help you install or replace your furniture. Since Rose City Moving and Rose City Office Furniture share a roof, we can help you move AND manage the transition into the new office.

We have one of the most experienced office moving staffs that can help you with everything from scheduling the elevator and parking to helping install office furniture. Since these jobs tend to be much more complicated than an office move, our experienced crew can prevent major losses in equipment or productivity.

Residential and Commercial Moving

There’s a big difference between residential and commercial moving.

Portland’s Residential and Commercial Moving Experts

Give Rose City Moving and Storage a call at 503-285-8100 and let us help you with your next move. Whether you are moving to your new home or relocating your business office, our moving experts will make sure your valuable belongings are safely packed and moved.

green moving tipsWhether you are moving just a few miles away or clear across the country, moving is not just a stress on you but the environment as well. Packing supplies are used almost always only once and then get tossed in the garbage. Most of us use cardboard boxes to store items when we move. How many you use depends on how much stuff you have, but you’re likely talking about dozens of boxes.

With a few basic tips you can lower your impact on the environment and maybe even make your life a little easier as well.

Plan Ahead for a Green Move

Plan ahead. That way you have the time to comfortably figure out what you should keep and what should go. If you want to trim your possessions down, that can help save on the number of boxes you need. Donate as much as you can to avoid unnecessarily taking up landfill space. Read more

We’ve all seen the phrase “bonded & insured” thrown around. These terms tend to come up a lot with service providers of all sorts. Builders, plumbers, electricians and yes even movers…..are “bonded & insured”. Now we don’t claim to be experts on those other trades, but as Portland’s best mover for over 34 years we do take pride in being experts in all things moving. Office moving, household moving or any other kind of moving you can think of we are pretty much experts in. Enough about are expertise, let’s talk more about “bonded & insured” movers. Since being bonded only applies to about 1% of our customers, this article will focus more only something that applies to all our customers….”insured”.

What exactly does “insured” mean? To be a licensed household mover, the state requires that movers carry $10,000 in cargo insurance. $10,000!!! Have you added up all your worldly possessions? It’s doesn’t take long to get to $10,000 does it? Office moving is even worse for the consumer, office moving is an unregulated industry and the state doesn’t even monitor what coverage’s office movers offer. They assume that office customers will know well enough to ask, but many don’t.

So what makes Rose City Moving different and what truly makes us Portland’s best mover? Remember that minimum coverage we mentioned earlier, $10,000? Well Rose City Moving has $5,000,000 in overall coverage…..t hat’s right…. FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. Just a hair more than the minimum, like 500 times the minimum (give or take).

Now this leads the customers to a choice. Are you okay with a mover that can simply say they are “bonded and insured” and barely meets the minimum requirements to be called a mover or do you want the mover that holds the highest limits in Portland? The one that holds themselves to the highest standard. That’s us, that’s Rose City Moving & Storage.
Rose City Moving & Storage has been Portland’s favorite mover for 34 plus years. Whether you are moving your entire office full of modern modular furniture or simply moving your 2 bedroom apartment, we are your mover. We don’t try to meet the minimum requirements in any part of the job; instead we strive to exceed them. Just like our insurance coverage’s, our goal starts at meeting your expectations by 500 times and then some.

A big thanks to all of Portland for letting Rose City Moving be your favorite and most trusted mover. We will always work to exceed all of your moving needs, from insurance, to service and all the details in between.

It’s often said that moving can be one of the most stressful times in someone’s life, whether that’s a personal move or your office. At Rose City Moving we try our very best to minimize this stress. Our moving consultants will work with you on every level and every detail of your moving to insure that everything goes as planned.

One of the many things that makes Rose City Moving one of Portland’s best movers is our moving consultants and our approach to customer service. Unlike many moving companies that have “moving salespeople” who’s only job is to close the deal and then pass the customer along to someone else to handle, we have moving consultants that are your single point of contact throughout your entire move process. No more meeting with one person, then being passed to another, then being told to call someone else come move day. All of your move planning, coordination, etc will be handled by your own move consultant start to finish.

Our move process typically starts with a walk through of your location, from this visit we can develop an accurate estimated cost for your move and determine what type of manpower and trucking will be needed for your move. If the estimate is accepted then your move consultant will work out the final move details with you, items such as dates, time, deliveries, etc. and make sure that everything will go off without a hitch. Need changes made, call your move consultant. Last minute concerns, call your move consultant. Anything… your move consultant. One point of contact to help you throughout the process.

Call Rose City Moving & Storage at 503-285-8100 to see how our move planning process and move customer service is different than the other Portland moving companies. Our 34+ years serving Portland has taught us the best ways to make sure that our move customers are as stress free as possible.

When you take good care of today’s customers, you won’t have to worry about tomorrow’s.

Two more of Portland’s finest moving trucks got their new decals today.

Portland Moving Trucks

Two new moving trucks have been added to the Rose City fleet.

The Rose City Moving fleet is in the process of getting some upgrades. New trucks and a new look.

The new decal will highlight Rose City Moving & Storage moving crates. We have the largest moving crate inventory in Oregon. Making office moving faster and saving the customer”s money.

Moving truck

portland moving truck

Happy New Year from Rose City Moving!

It’s a wonderful time of year, and we hope you’re enjoying the Holiday Season with family, friends and colleagues.

We’d like to wish all of you the best of the season, and thank you for your business, friendship and support this year. It’s been our privilege to serve you in 2012.

From designing office spaces to maximize efficiency and optimize workflow, to providing a world of quality, office furnishings combining value and style, from chairs to desks to storage, lighting and more.

There isn’t much of Western Oregon and Southwest Washington – from the mountains to the coast, Rose City trucks and drivers haven’t seen in 2012, and wherever you are, count on us before, during and after the sale.

Each New Year is filled with excitement, but we’re looking ahead to 2013 more than ever. We can’t wait for you to visit our new and expanded showroom. It’s been a lot of work but worth every bit of it.

Our goal is offer our customers an enhanced experience with fresh perspectives to affordably make the most of every workspace – from a fully functional solo office to corporate headquarters; offices that mean business, express your company culture and express your vision.

We challenge you to imagine all your office could be – and then let us help take it farther with new ideas and new products you simply have to see for yourself.

For all that’s new, one thing won’t ever change.

Take advantage of a Courtesy Consultation, a little conversation to get to know each other and discuss the possibilities. Call, email or stop by anytime – we’d love to talk with you.

Until then, from all of us at Rose City Office Furnishings, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you in 2013!


When a moving and storage company has been in the business as long as Rose City, it’s easy to think they’ve seen and stored just about everything.

I wondered about that and recently asked what’s the most unusual, remarkable item they’ve been asked to store in their thirty-three years in the business?

The answer was bigger – and older – than I ever could have imagined.

And it was infinitely more valuable and delicate, too.

What would you think if told you the answer was Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Yeah, no kidding, and it turns out that his name was more than fitting.


Samson, as it turns out, was more than eight million years old and a most remarkable specimen.

How remarkable? Try the second most complete T-Rex that has ever been unearthed and recovered.

Since 1978, homeowners and businesses have trusted Rose City Moving and Storage to safeguard residential and business property and data of every imaginable, size, shape, and flavor.

And that even includes long extinct dinosaurs that haven’t walked the earth for millions and millions of years.

Wherever you are in the Portland Metropolitan area and Western Oregon, from Salem to Southwest Washington and the Cascades to the Oregon Coast, trust Rose City to move it – or store it – however big, oddly-shaped, valuable – or old – it may be.

Give us a call, shoot an email, or stop in today and get the conversation started.

We’re here to help. At Rose City, we really have seen – and securely stored – just about everything, and we’re always ready for a new challenge!

Samson the Dinosaur