You know what moving your home or office means. Work, lots of work, thankless work; hot, sweaty, and stressful.

Then, on the other side – once you’re there – then what? Work, lots of work, thankless work; hot, sweaty, and stressful.

So what can you do?

One option – an option we endorse enthusiastically – is to call Rose City Moving and Storage. We’re moving professionals, trusted by virtue of years of performance in the Portland Metro Area and beyond. We do it everyday, right, on time, and guarantee your satisfaction; a pledge supported by an unblemished A BBB rating without a single complaint.

But if you’re an adventurous soul and considering doing it yourself, before you start with the heavy lifting, we’d still like help: Do your moving homework.

In that spirit, helpful hints; things it’s far better to find out sooner, rather than later.

Plan ahead.

Carefully consider your timing. If you don’t, a tough job only gets tougher.

Arrange for the vehicles and other equipment in advance. Do you understand all logistical issues? Is the vehicle large enough, can you drive it, and if you can, will it work on both ends?

Remember to pack early, pack wisely, with an eye on proper labeling and organization.

Determine special needs.

Do you need help with loading and unloading? If so, where’s it coming from, can you have confidence in their knowledge and reliability?

Do you have large, difficult to move items, or breakable ones, and what about family heirlooms of greater value that need an extra dose of TLC?

What about jacks, piano boards, and other tools of the trade to handle everything from beds to entertainment centers and more? Do you need help to disassemble and reassemble big items?

Your Moving Emergency Kit.

What you can’t live without, like toiletries, medicines, documents, a teddy bear one of your little ones can’t live without, and whatever you need right away. It sure beats wading through a mountain of boxes and tearing them open to find mission-critical stuff.


When the Better Business Bureau bestows an A+ rating on a business, consumers rightfully will do business with that company with a measure of real confidence and trust that is increasingly rare today.

At Rose City Moving and Storage, we’re proud of our A+ rating – it’s the only one we’ve ever had – but it in our case, there’s more to the story.

And the story gets even better when you understand how these ratings work, so first, a little history to provide some perspective.

The Better Business Bureau was founded in 1912, so we’re talking about an organization with a century of service, dedicated to ethical business practices.

The BBB is a privately held, non-profit corporation. Its local affiliates are comprised of member businesses that pledge to adhere to its standards, the BBB Code of Business Practices, and the information it gleans from the public, is shared and used to vet its members.

The public is protected against fraud and offers many invaluable serves, most notably, the ability to serve as a trusted mediator between consumers and businesses to help resolve disputes.

Little wonder that an A+ Rating is coveted by every business.

But the more you know about the internal system, the prouder we are of ours.

As you’d expect, when a business finds itself embroiled in a dispute or a rash of customer complaints, will find that its rating is downgraded.

Nonetheless, the business can restore its rating by satisfactorily resolving the dispute.

In this sense, all A+ Ratings aren’t necessarily the same.

At Rose City, we’ve never had that problem.

In our 33 year history, we haven’t had a single dispute, we have an unblemished record. Almost unheard of for an office moving or residential moving company and we’re both!

Doing business the right way, for us is the only way.

Always has been, always will be, because it’s the Rose City way. Proud to call ourselves Portland’s Best Mover.