Decluttering Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be the most daunting room to pack. There are tons of dishes, silverware, things you haven’t used in years, not to mention the food! Moving is THE time to declutter so arm yourself with these tips and get started!

First Thing’s First
Get started early! A hastily packed kitchen is a recipe for broken dishes and spilled sauces, so plan well in advance of your move. Now is the time to be bold! Be strong! Be discerning! Cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer, follow these tips and you could have a minimized, organized and ready-to-pack kitchen in no time!

  • Say NO! to Expired Stuff! – Check the dates on all food items, if it’s old, toss it in the trash. No excuses!
  • Stuff You Haven’t Used In Months – Maybe you bought that fish sauce for some stir fry months ago and just haven’t had the nerve to use it again, so now’s the time to say goodbye! If it’s not a regular part of your repertoire, let it go!
  • Stuff You Haven’t Opened – If you don’t see yourself using it in the next 3 months, consider giving it to a neighbor or food bank who might! Food should never go to waste, be real with yourself and give someone else a chance to eat it!
  • Sentimental Stuff – That shot glass from Cancun, that wine glass from cousin Jenny’s wedding 18 years ago, if you aren’t actively using it, maybe a photo for the memory will do (better to use space on your phone than space in your cabinet!)
  • Chipped Dishes – Sure that plate you dropped in the sink a few months ago is still mostly good, but chipped dishes are a ticking time bomb for cracks and breakage – the time is now! Let it go and replace that thing!
  • Dish Towel Check – Dish towels, they go through a lot! Use them for packing glassware, but afterwards maybe it’s time to relegate them to the garage and get new ones! New Home New Towels!
  • Cookbooks – We’ve all probably got a couple cookbooks we love that one recipe from, but that’s about it. Take a photo of that recipe and gift that book to someone you know will use it!
  • Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets – Remember last summer when you were all about homemade ice cream cones? Yeah, that was fun, but if you made so many you can never look at one again, gift that waffle cone maker to someone else!

green moving tipsWhether you are moving just a few miles away or clear across the country, moving is not just a stress on you but the environment as well. Packing supplies are used almost always only once and then get tossed in the garbage. Most of us use cardboard boxes to store items when we move. How many you use depends on how much stuff you have, but you’re likely talking about dozens of boxes.

With a few basic tips you can lower your impact on the environment and maybe even make your life a little easier as well.

Plan Ahead for a Green Move

Plan ahead. That way you have the time to comfortably figure out what you should keep and what should go. If you want to trim your possessions down, that can help save on the number of boxes you need. Donate as much as you can to avoid unnecessarily taking up landfill space. Read more

Two more of Portland’s finest moving trucks got their new decals today.

Portland Moving Trucks

Two new moving trucks have been added to the Rose City fleet.


At Rose City Moving and Storage, we’ve been providing moving and storage solutions for residential and commercial customers throughout the Portland Metropolitan area, and much of Oregon and Southwest Washington, for more than three decades.

To stick with anything that long, a wise man once said, you have to love what you, and be really good at it.

We’d like to think that at Rose City, we see the truth of it everyday.

Thank goes to an unbeatable staff of experienced professionals each averaging more than ten years with us, there’s good reason for us to make the statement that moving, really is in our blood.

We’re committed to maintaining our position of Oregon’s mover of choice, and doing it right, whether you’re moving down the street, or across town, a small office or your corporate headquarters.

We’re proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau rating that in our industry is hard to come by and even harder to keep. That’s something we never forget and will never take for granted.

So, when something special and out of the ordinary occurs that reinforces our commitment and drives to doing an even better job with each new customer, it’s a special day.

And if it brings a smile to our faces, it’s truly a great day.

We had one of those recently and it came thanks to a most unexpected source.

The young son of one of our executive team let his dad know – with his inspired Legos creation of a moving van – that it wouldn’t be long until he’ll be ready to join us.

And become part of the next generation of the Rose City family.

We can’t wait!


Simple enough to say, but just how do you choose? One thing nearly everyone agrees upon is that when the time comes to move your home or business, it can be an overwhelming, confusing, and emotionally draining experience with many more questions than answers.

We understand. Since 1979, Rose City Moving has provided Portland based moving services with unsurpassed performance earning an unequalled level of customer satisfaction. So, it’s no mystery why every year, more and more people trust us to get it done right, on time and on budget.
If you’re preparing for a move and choosing a mover, here’s what you can count on with Rose City Moving and Storage.

It’s with confidence that we encourage you to compare us with any and all competitors.

There is simply no substitute for experience. Our 33-year record of customer satisfaction is a result of understanding what our customers expect and delivering it every time, for jobs large and small.

We’re experts in both residential household moves and office moves, but have experienced, dedicated teams of specialists for each. The professionals entrusted with your move aren’t simply next up; we match expertise with the task at hand. Our staff averages over ten years tenure, and in many cases worked somewhere else before finding a professional home with Rose City.

You may hear other movers tout their BBB rating, but there’s more to a “rating” than meets the eye. Rose City’s A+ Better Business Bureau isn’t a result of resolving complaints or disputes. It’s what comes of an unblemished record without complaints. The move isn’t finished until you’re satisfied; it’s our way of doing business.

Unlike other movers, Rose City Moving is Portland-based, always has been and always will be. We aren’t shackled by an affiliation with a large out-of-state corporation. Decisions are made quickly and locally, another way we ensure your satisfaction.

Rose City business customers appreciate that our office division that not only sells and services today’s complex modular office systems, but also features a dedicated installation team standing by to provide the service and support you deserve.

Our 188,000+ square foot warehouse is centrally located with an impressive fleet of vehicles of all sizes to meet every need and quickly and efficiently deploy throughout the metropolitan area. Plus, we feature flex space, additional capacity that is larger than most movers’ primary facilities, allowing us to accommodate storage needs both long and short-term.

We’re prepared for emergencies and the unexpected – and should they arise, Rose City is ready.

Call us today and let’s discuss your move. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you”re moving soon, don”t forget to submit your change of address information to the United States Postal Service before your move. There are a lot of scam moving websites that want to charge you $20 just to submit your change of address info, but the truth is it only costs $1 at

You can go to the site and follow the links or just go directly there with this link:
blackjack online Change of Address” target=”_blank”>

Whether you”re moving your Portland area home or moving a Portland based business, Rose City Moving & Storage would be honored to help you move. Our staff is ready to answer all your move questions and make sure that everything is moved on time.

Rose City Moving is going GREEN!

In Rose City’s quest to be Porltand’s best mover year after year we have continued to invest in our moving equipment in order to serve our customers. We are happy to announce that we have just placed an order for an additional 1,200 green moving crates and the dollies to match. This will bring our total moving crate count to 2,700 crates, the largest moving crate stock of any mover in Portland! With 2,700 moving crates we will be able to continually serve all of our customers and provide them all with a green move solution.

Rose City Moving & Storage already has the largest moving equipment inventory in the Portland area, the green moving crates are just another piece of our customer service puzzle. With hundreds of moving carts, furniture dollies, hand trucks and more Rose City has all of the moving equipment to insure that your move is performed in the most efficient way possible. Whether you’re moving in Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton, Tigard or any of the other surrounding areas of Portland you can be assured that you’re using the best mover possible.

Thanks again for choosing Rose City Moving & Storage for your office or residential move.