For your confidence, for your trust, for the recognition and for your business!

Recently, Rose City Moving and Storage was invited to submit a proposal to be considered for a contract to provide all moving services for Multnomah County.

We’re proud to announce that Rose City was awarded the contract, and for that, as a company, we’re humbled, grateful and more than just a little proud. We earned it and worked hard.Akkurat na far du 200% i bonus opp til 3000 kroner om du registrerer deg via Casinoonline.

Still, for the wonderful things it says about our company, we think it many ways it says even more about our culture.

We spend precious little time looking back and celebrating past successes, our focus is looking ahead, preparing for future opportunities and challenges.

To become the mover of choice for Multnomah County meant we’d be compared and judged alongside many other successful companies.

It was stiff competition. In keeping with the diverse services needed, the capabilities required to meet them encompass nearly all phases of the commercial office moving industry.

The process was complex and attests to the due diligence that a one of the largest, and most diverse, counties in Oregon brings to the task of making not only the right choice, but the best choice.

Moving a commercial office is anything but straightforward. The offices of today – and tomorrow – include complex space configurations, modular office systems, panels and cubicles, a world of seating, workplace, storage, panels systems and lighting options, and more.

Jobs have to be completed on-time and done right, and in selecting Rose City Moving and Storage, Multnomah Country thoughtfully considered our history, capacity, performance and record of putting customers first.

And one final factor that, to us, speaks to today and tomorrow: Green is much more than a trendy or fashionable slogan. Environmental responsibility is part of Rose City’s way of doing business.

Thank you, Multnomah County for properly taking all of this into account, and for recognizing Rose City.

We’ll continue to do what we’ve always done: Working hard to earn our customers’ trust and justify your confidence.