When the time comes to move a business, most of us have the same first reaction.

We groan. And considering everything that’s involved, who can blame us?

It’s not just the packing and the anticipated operational disruption, there is also the hard work of finding a new home for you business and the moving company that can get you relocated with greater efficiency and lower stress.

Recently, I spent time visiting with some true veterans of the commercial moving trenches and asked what they thought was the secret to moving a business without owners or managers losing their minds along the way.

Admittedly, I was also curious to learn why, in the Portland Metropolitan area, from Salem to Southwest Washington, and the Cascades to the Coast, so many businesses, large and small, turn to Rose City Moving and Storage.

Why has Rose City become the mover-of-choice for so many businesses?

That’s an easy one. With over thirty-three years of experience moving businesses of all sizes, including many huge and complicated moves, Rose City is performance trusted. Add to that an A+, blemish-free Better Business Bureau record that really says it all.

How does Rose City do it better?

It’s in the planning. From the free, no-obligation moving consultation, to the on-site inspection to define the scope of the move, the Rose City way is to identify the challenges and understand the job, your needs, what’s at stake, and plan for all contingencies.

What makes Rose City different from other commercial movers?

It’s about relationships. At the heart of our relationships with customers is the recognition that it’s really a partnership. Working together, whatever unexpected needs or challenges arise, until the job is done, and your business is operating in its new home; Rose City is your partner in the process and with you every step of the way.

Let’s talk about your move.

Call, email or stop by for a free consultation.