Two more of Portland’s finest moving trucks got their new decals today.

Portland Moving Trucks

Two new moving trucks have been added to the Rose City fleet.

Recently, I had coffee with Terri, a long-time Rose City Moving and Storage customer.

In her capacity as a facilities manager, when it comes to maintaining operational continuity with strict attention to the bottom line, the buck stops at her desk. Her responsibilities have included complex business moves and relocations throughout the Portland Metropolitan area, and beyond.

I figured – and correctly as it turned out – that she had a story or two that I’d find interesting, and I wasn’t disappointed.

My questions were straightforward, but I had more in mind that a mere autopsy of her customer experience.

I wanted to learn about her relationship with Rose City from the very beginning. How it started, what was important to her, what was that made her a customer. And what kept her a customer.

Armed with that information, I’d follow-up and learn her feelings about the move itself.

Here’s what Terri told me.

With virtually no advance warning, a manufacturing company presented her with a major challenge: Essentially, do the impossible and oh-by-the-way, with little time or margin for error.

They were moving from Bend in Central Oregon to Hillsboro. Their business – advanced grid management, transformer monitoring and substation automation – was growing so quickly that demand for their products had outstripped facility capacity. Suddenly, the plan was to leave a satellite office in Bend, relocate headquarters to the Portland area, and do it over a weekend with the least possible operational downtime.

Terri got on the phone and contacted three major moving companies. Each agreed to make the trip to Bend the next day to take a look and bid the job.

Here’s the thing. Rose City was the only one of three that showed up, and in minutes it became clear they really meant business.

A real pro with an eye on learning what it would take to move the business, willing to spend as long as necessary to develop a sound moving plan that would get the job done – on-time and on budget – without surprises on the back end.

Next time: Rose City delivers: More on what was involved.


Why does knowing your mover matter? Peace of mind only scratches the surface of why it does.

There’s a lot riding on the moving company – and the people – that you choose to do the job.

Making the wrong decision can be expensive in many ways, but how can you make the right decision? How can you know who to trust in Portland, and who to avoid?

Five things have put Rose City at the head of the class. Consider these qualities before entrusting any moving company in the Portland Metropolitan Area with your home or office.

33 Years of Experience tells you that we aren’t newcomers to the residential and office moving business. Because Rose City has been doing it right since 1979, we’re the office mover of choice in Portland and have earned the trust of more and more residential customers every year.

188,000 square foot warehouse (located in the heart of Portland) reflects our scale, capacity, and readiness for every job, large and small, residential and office moves from tiny to major corporate headquarters. Rose City Moving and Storage really does do it all.

A Staff of Full-time Professionals are trained, experienced and dedicated moving consultants and that our staff averages over ten years with the company is a matter of great pride. They’ve found a professional home with Rose City, embracing a team-oriented culture second to none in the moving industry.

The Right Equipment and Moving Supplies enable our customers to count on Rose City’s readiness to get the job done right and on time and without surprises. From a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles of every imaginable size, to green moving boxes, to the jacks, lifts and other tools of the trade, we’ve got it all.

Our A+ BBB Rating with an unblemished record says a lot about Rose City’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Doing it right for 33 years has its rewards! We are the best mover in the Portland, Tigard, Beaverton, Vancouver and more. Don’t choose the wrong mover.

Call, email or stop in for a free consultation – we look forward to seeing you!

PS…A customer sent us a photo of a “competitor” and they were happy to know that we were there to support them and they had chosen the right mover in Portland.

Know your mover


Simple enough to say, but just how do you choose? One thing nearly everyone agrees upon is that when the time comes to move your home or business, it can be an overwhelming, confusing, and emotionally draining experience with many more questions than answers.

We understand. Since 1979, Rose City Moving has provided Portland based moving services with unsurpassed performance earning an unequalled level of customer satisfaction. So, it’s no mystery why every year, more and more people trust us to get it done right, on time and on budget.
If you’re preparing for a move and choosing a mover, here’s what you can count on with Rose City Moving and Storage.

It’s with confidence that we encourage you to compare us with any and all competitors.

There is simply no substitute for experience. Our 33-year record of customer satisfaction is a result of understanding what our customers expect and delivering it every time, for jobs large and small.

We’re experts in both residential household moves and office moves, but have experienced, dedicated teams of specialists for each. The professionals entrusted with your move aren’t simply next up; we match expertise with the task at hand. Our staff averages over ten years tenure, and in many cases worked somewhere else before finding a professional home with Rose City.

You may hear other movers tout their BBB rating, but there’s more to a “rating” than meets the eye. Rose City’s A+ Better Business Bureau isn’t a result of resolving complaints or disputes. It’s what comes of an unblemished record without complaints. The move isn’t finished until you’re satisfied; it’s our way of doing business.

Unlike other movers, Rose City Moving is Portland-based, always has been and always will be. We aren’t shackled by an affiliation with a large out-of-state corporation. Decisions are made quickly and locally, another way we ensure your satisfaction.

Rose City business customers appreciate that our office division that not only sells and services today’s complex modular office systems, but also features a dedicated installation team standing by to provide the service and support you deserve.

Our 188,000+ square foot warehouse is centrally located with an impressive fleet of vehicles of all sizes to meet every need and quickly and efficiently deploy throughout the metropolitan area. Plus, we feature flex space, additional capacity that is larger than most movers’ primary facilities, allowing us to accommodate storage needs both long and short-term.

We’re prepared for emergencies and the unexpected – and should they arise, Rose City is ready.

Call us today and let’s discuss your move. We look forward to hearing from you!

Moving your office or home in Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton, Tigard or any of the other surrounding areas of Portland?

We all love, who doesn’t really love getting great deals on all sorts of random stuff? However, getting a “deal” on a mover can be less of a deal than you had ever imagined. Hopefully you’ve seen the TV stings done on the unlicensed and uninsured people advertising themselves as movers on the internet. There’s a reason why these “movers” can be so cheap, they have you rent the truck, they have no references and if there’s damage or any other issues then you can bet that they’ll likely have a new phone number next week too. Who are these craigslist movers? No one really knows and trust me you probably don’t want to. What’s to guarantee that these so called movers will actually show up on move day? Nothing….in fact we even had one distraught person call us because her “movers” had called to say that they don’t move in the rain. We were able to help get her move completed even in the rain.

When you hire Rose City Moving to move you then you know that you’re not only getting the best move possible, but a mover that you can trust. All of Rose City’s movers are drug tested, background checked and receive continuous training on safe and secure moving techniques. It’s safe to say that the other 2 man moving companies aren’t any of those things. In fact, tomorrow they might not even be movers at all, maybe they’ll be a landscaping company. Rose City Moving has been the Portland areas best mover since 1979, that’s 33 years of serving all of your moving needs!!

Rose City Moving is going GREEN!

In Rose City’s quest to be Porltand’s best mover year after year we have continued to invest in our moving equipment in order to serve our customers. We are happy to announce that we have just placed an order for an additional 1,200 green moving crates and the dollies to match. This will bring our total moving crate count to 2,700 crates, the largest moving crate stock of any mover in Portland! With 2,700 moving crates we will be able to continually serve all of our customers and provide them all with a green move solution.

Rose City Moving & Storage already has the largest moving equipment inventory in the Portland area, the green moving crates are just another piece of our customer service puzzle. With hundreds of moving carts, furniture dollies, hand trucks and more Rose City has all of the moving equipment to insure that your move is performed in the most efficient way possible. Whether you’re moving in Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton, Tigard or any of the other surrounding areas of Portland you can be assured that you’re using the best mover possible.

Thanks again for choosing Rose City Moving & Storage for your office or residential move.