Rose City Moving - Green Move Crates

Can you have a green office move? Sure you can!

Here at Rose City Moving & Storage we do everything that we can to insure that your move is as friendly to the environment as possible. For office moves we can either use our Green Moving Crates or our recycled moving boxes. The green crates are very handy for large office moves where the customer plans to pack and then unpack within about weeks time. If the boxes need to stay packed longer, then cardboard moving boxes make the most sense for sure.

The Green Moving Crates have many advantages from easier to pack to quicker to move, you can also secure confidential files by locking the end with zip ties or actual locks. For the green move plan you can take comfort in knowing that the crates will be used over and over and over again….. But don”t rule out the traditional cardboard moving boxes just yet! Moving boxes can be packed quickly, are lighter when packed, used for long term storage and they too are very green. The bwinYour fast lane to the world of sports betting!more infoYour chance to bust your opponents wherever you are! Choose your poker app!more infoTake your mobile phone and enter the biggest casino you can imagine!more infoExperience this classic game in a new look! Take your skills to the Blackjack tables wherever you are and see if you’ve got what it takes to leave as a winner!This is your unrestricted access to the biggest mobile poker network around! Whenever you feel the need to play some hands – take a seat at the tables!ElectraWorks Limited, the provider of this website, is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner under the Gambling Act 2005. boxes start off being made from sustainable forests and recycled cardboard, once in use they are typically used for about 10 moves (tags are peeled off and the boxes are rebundled each time) and then when their life as a cardboard moving box is done they are recycled so that someday they can come back again as a new moving box.

For household moves the old cardboard box still wins the day. The multiple box sizes and ability to keep stuff packed for weeks….or years (you know who you are!) make the cardboard box the best choice for home moves.

Please talk to your move consultant and they will help you determine the best way to get your belonging moved to your new office or home. Thanks again for helping us be Portland”s Best Mover.

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  1. Raynette Yoshida
    Raynette Yoshida says:

    We chose Rose City Movers to move our offices from the second floor to the fourth floor of the Jackson Towers. Our move included 144 crates and 12 offices, a kitchen, conference room, reception and lobby area. The planning, preparing and execution process was superb! When we learned of another move, we quickly contacted Karen Davis. With her team, the move of a storage unit was flawless. Rose City Movers’ experience, expertise and reliability made a stressful project a big win!

  2. Nicole green
    Nicole green says:

    Thank you for sharing such a useful post. We should avoid the use of plastic or it’s byproduct in moving procedure in order to make the move a complete green move. Office movers are different from the residential movers, hence we should conduct proper investigation to evaluate the legibility of that particular moving company before hiring them. Another fact is that, unnecessary items should be isolated and should be donated.


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