We’re pleased to show off our new Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified moving boxes. These boxes will be used mostly for our office moving customers, but household move customers also find them handy for moving items like books and other small and heavy items. The obvious change to our moving boxes is the addition of the information about our office furniture division Rose City Office Furnishings.

What isn’t quite as clear is that the moving boxes are made using a more modern cardboard construction. The moving boxes are a lighter weight cardboard, making them a greener solution, but thanks to a special coating and production process they are rated for holding more weight. We think that our move customers will agree that these are the best moving boxes offered in the Portland Metro Area.

Today, Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) is an independent, non-profit organization responsible for maintaining, overseeing and improving a sustainable forestry certification program that is internationally recognized and is the largest single forest standard in the world. The SFI 2010-2014 Standard is based on principles and measures that promote sustainable forest management and consider all forest values. It includes unique fiber sourcing requirements to promote responsible forest management on all forest lands in North America. SFI certification also extends to the market. When they see the SFI label on a product, consumers can be confident they are buying wood or paper from certified forests or certified sourcing – whether it is reams of paper, packaging, or lumber products.

For more info: http://sfiprogram.org/

Thanks again for allowing Rose City Moving to be Portland’s mover of choice and we look forward to moving you to your new location soon.
Office Moving BoxMoving Box - SFI

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