Regardless of the business, there is something that the majority of companies have in common, and it’s not a good thing. They suffer from the same malady.

Employee turnover: A revolving door spinning out of control and never stopping.

The simple truth is that employee turnover puts tremendous pressure on any company to maintain consistent, effective and efficient service, instead leaving customers to wonder why they always seem to be dealing with someone new.

And it gets worse. Customers can’t help but begin asking themselves about the reason behind so many employees coming and going and so few employees choosing to stay.

This is important because every business is ultimately a reflection of their employees.

Because of this, it comes as no surprise that nearly everyone can agree on two important things.

First, businesses with ongoing turnover almost always have other problems and issues.

And second, employee turnover forces businesses into a crisis mentality, and this comes at a big price: Priority One becomes hiding it from customers instead of serving customers.

We understandably take great pride in the fact that this is a problem we don’t have at Rose City Moving and Storage.

Our employees average over ten years of service with the company.

In fact, many employees came to Rose City with industry experience elsewhere, and embracing the way we do business, found professional homes.

It’s easy to explain.

At Rose City Moving and Storage, we never forget that at the heart of a great company are great people; professional, experienced and dedicated to doing the job right by putting customers first.

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