When a moving and storage company has been in the business as long as Rose City, it’s easy to think they’ve seen and stored just about everything.

I wondered about that and recently asked what’s the most unusual, remarkable item they’ve been asked to store in their thirty-three years in the business?

The answer was bigger – and older – than I ever could have imagined.

And it was infinitely more valuable and delicate, too.

What would you think if told you the answer was Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Yeah, no kidding, and it turns out that his name was more than fitting.


Samson, as it turns out, was more than eight million years old and a most remarkable specimen.

How remarkable? Try the second most complete T-Rex that has ever been unearthed and recovered.

Since 1978, homeowners and businesses have trusted Rose City Moving and Storage to safeguard residential and business property and data of every imaginable, size, shape, and flavor.

And that even includes long extinct dinosaurs that haven’t walked the earth for millions and millions of years.

Wherever you are in the Portland Metropolitan area and Western Oregon, from Salem to Southwest Washington and the Cascades to the Oregon Coast, trust Rose City to move it – or store it – however big, oddly-shaped, valuable – or old – it may be.

Give us a call, shoot an email, or stop in today and get the conversation started.

We’re here to help. At Rose City, we really have seen – and securely stored – just about everything, and we’re always ready for a new challenge!

Samson the Dinosaur

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