Decluttering Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be the most daunting room to pack. There are tons of dishes, silverware, things you haven’t used in years, not to mention the food! Moving is THE time to declutter so arm yourself with these tips and get started!

First Thing’s First
Get started early! A hastily packed kitchen is a recipe for broken dishes and spilled sauces, so plan well in advance of your move. Now is the time to be bold! Be strong! Be discerning! Cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer, follow these tips and you could have a minimized, organized and ready-to-pack kitchen in no time!

  • Say NO! to Expired Stuff! – Check the dates on all food items, if it’s old, toss it in the trash. No excuses!
  • Stuff You Haven’t Used In Months – Maybe you bought that fish sauce for some stir fry months ago and just haven’t had the nerve to use it again, so now’s the time to say goodbye! If it’s not a regular part of your repertoire, let it go!
  • Stuff You Haven’t Opened – If you don’t see yourself using it in the next 3 months, consider giving it to a neighbor or food bank who might! Food should never go to waste, be real with yourself and give someone else a chance to eat it!
  • Sentimental Stuff – That shot glass from Cancun, that wine glass from cousin Jenny’s wedding 18 years ago, if you aren’t actively using it, maybe a photo for the memory will do (better to use space on your phone than space in your cabinet!)
  • Chipped Dishes – Sure that plate you dropped in the sink a few months ago is still mostly good, but chipped dishes are a ticking time bomb for cracks and breakage – the time is now! Let it go and replace that thing!
  • Dish Towel Check – Dish towels, they go through a lot! Use them for packing glassware, but afterwards maybe it’s time to relegate them to the garage and get new ones! New Home New Towels!
  • Cookbooks – We’ve all probably got a couple cookbooks we love that one recipe from, but that’s about it. Take a photo of that recipe and gift that book to someone you know will use it!
  • Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets – Remember last summer when you were all about homemade ice cream cones? Yeah, that was fun, but if you made so many you can never look at one again, gift that waffle cone maker to someone else!

Terri had no illusions about the degree of difficulty. Moving a manufacturing facility in Central Oregon, already operating a peak capacity and having outgrown its home to Hillsboro, to a suburb west of Portland is a big job.

“This was a job that came with unusual challenges,” she reminded me, “and we needed real pros. And not just in the bidding, everyone does that well,” she said with a smile, “but when the hard work started, throughout the move, because we really had so little margin for error.”

So, I asked the obvious question: “I assuming that’s what you got?”

“My Rose City moving consultant arrived and we toured the plant. He wanted to see everything and asked a lot of questions. They were the right questions. I liked that. I’d checked them out and knew Rose City’s reputation as the commercial mover-of-choice. They have clients throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area, Southwest Washington to Western Oregon.”

“How did the bidding process work?” I asked her.

“He told me he first had to fully understand our situation. He did, it was detailed and no-nonsense. I explained our need to do it all – start to finish – and be back in business on Monday. It didn’t scare him off. He didn’t blink. He became my dedicated go-to guy and that made my job easier.”

“And then?” I asked.

“We agreed on a price, set parameters to deal with the unexpected – remember, I’m in business, it’s inevitable – and he told me trucks and moving professionals would arrive late afternoon two days later.”

“Two semi trucks and fourteen movers. These were guys that meant business and knew how to work. Their professional demeanor impressed me. I learned, later, most had been with Rose City for years. And we got it done. They worked like it was just another day at the office – and for those guys I think it was just that. Just as I’d been promised, on budget and on time.”

“Anything you want to add?” I asked.

“Two things: Those guys ate a ton of pizza and my boss was really happy. I was too.”


When it comes to moving your home residence or office, in the Portland Metropolitan area, within the state or across the country, one question, often asked, is the one that matters more than any other when it comes to choosing a moving company:

What if …?

Things happen, sometimes beyond everyone’s control.

Still, preparing by asking questions and understanding your rights will protect you, your household or office furnishings and possessions and protect your move, too.

To help we offer the following links to resources that are sure to help you rest easier and move with confidence. That’s the Rose City way.

This first link is a great place to start. An easy to ready and solid overview of your rights when moving your home or office in Oregon:

Of course, it’s always a good idea to know your mover, and the following links, from the State of Oregon and the federal government, enable you to check service records for any complaints or violations.

We encourage you to do this. At Rose City we’re proud of our unblemished record. Customer satisfaction isn’t an ad slogan, it’s our way of doing business and our record proves it.

Use the next link to check the service records of moving companies in Oregon:

This one allows you to check national moving companies:

Finally, this last link is to a pretty thoughtful moving checklist, also developed by the federal government.


Don’t hesitate to call or stop by – any time!

Moving your office or home in Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton, Tigard or any of the other surrounding areas of Portland?

We all love, who doesn’t really love getting great deals on all sorts of random stuff? However, getting a “deal” on a mover can be less of a deal than you had ever imagined. Hopefully you’ve seen the TV stings done on the unlicensed and uninsured people advertising themselves as movers on the internet. There’s a reason why these “movers” can be so cheap, they have you rent the truck, they have no references and if there’s damage or any other issues then you can bet that they’ll likely have a new phone number next week too. Who are these craigslist movers? No one really knows and trust me you probably don’t want to. What’s to guarantee that these so called movers will actually show up on move day? Nothing….in fact we even had one distraught person call us because her “movers” had called to say that they don’t move in the rain. We were able to help get her move completed even in the rain.

When you hire Rose City Moving to move you then you know that you’re not only getting the best move possible, but a mover that you can trust. All of Rose City’s movers are drug tested, background checked and receive continuous training on safe and secure moving techniques. It’s safe to say that the other 2 man moving companies aren’t any of those things. In fact, tomorrow they might not even be movers at all, maybe they’ll be a landscaping company. Rose City Moving has been the Portland areas best mover since 1979, that’s 33 years of serving all of your moving needs!!