Terri had no illusions about the degree of difficulty. Moving a manufacturing facility in Central Oregon, already operating a peak capacity and having outgrown its home to Hillsboro, to a suburb west of Portland is a big job.

“This was a job that came with unusual challenges,” she reminded me, “and we needed real pros. And not just in the bidding, everyone does that well,” she said with a smile, “but when the hard work started, throughout the move, because we really had so little margin for error.”

So, I asked the obvious question: “I assuming that’s what you got?”

“My Rose City moving consultant arrived and we toured the plant. He wanted to see everything and asked a lot of questions. They were the right questions. I liked that. I’d checked them out and knew Rose City’s reputation as the commercial mover-of-choice. They have clients throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area, Southwest Washington to Western Oregon.”

“How did the bidding process work?” I asked her.

“He told me he first had to fully understand our situation. He did, it was detailed and no-nonsense. I explained our need to do it all – start to finish – and be back in business on Monday. It didn’t scare him off. He didn’t blink. He became my dedicated go-to guy and that made my job easier.”

“And then?” I asked.

“We agreed on a price, set parameters to deal with the unexpected – remember, I’m in business, it’s inevitable – and he told me trucks and moving professionals would arrive late afternoon two days later.”

“Two semi trucks and fourteen movers. These were guys that meant business and knew how to work. Their professional demeanor impressed me. I learned, later, most had been with Rose City for years. And we got it done. They worked like it was just another day at the office – and for those guys I think it was just that. Just as I’d been promised, on budget and on time.”

“Anything you want to add?” I asked.

“Two things: Those guys ate a ton of pizza and my boss was really happy. I was too.”

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