We’ve all seen the phrase “bonded & insured” thrown around. These terms tend to come up a lot with service providers of all sorts. Builders, plumbers, electricians and yes even movers…..are “bonded & insured”. Now we don’t claim to be experts on those other trades, but as Portland’s best mover for over 34 years we do take pride in being experts in all things moving. Office moving, household moving or any other kind of moving you can think of we are pretty much experts in. Enough about are expertise, let’s talk more about “bonded & insured” movers. Since being bonded only applies to about 1% of our customers, this article will focus more only something that applies to all our customers….”insured”.

What exactly does “insured” mean? To be a licensed household mover, the state requires that movers carry $10,000 in cargo insurance. $10,000!!! Have you added up all your worldly possessions? It’s doesn’t take long to get to $10,000 does it? Office moving is even worse for the consumer, office moving is an unregulated industry and the state doesn’t even monitor what coverage’s office movers offer. They assume that office customers will know well enough to ask, but many don’t.

So what makes Rose City Moving different and what truly makes us Portland’s best mover? Remember that minimum coverage we mentioned earlier, $10,000? Well Rose City Moving has $5,000,000 in overall coverage…..t hat’s right…. FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. Just a hair more than the minimum, like 500 times the minimum (give or take).

Now this leads the customers to a choice. Are you okay with a mover that can simply say they are “bonded and insured” and barely meets the minimum requirements to be called a mover or do you want the mover that holds the highest limits in Portland? The one that holds themselves to the highest standard. That’s us, that’s Rose City Moving & Storage.
Rose City Moving & Storage has been Portland’s favorite mover for 34 plus years. Whether you are moving your entire office full of modern modular furniture or simply moving your 2 bedroom apartment, we are your mover. We don’t try to meet the minimum requirements in any part of the job; instead we strive to exceed them. Just like our insurance coverage’s, our goal starts at meeting your expectations by 500 times and then some.

A big thanks to all of Portland for letting Rose City Moving be your favorite and most trusted mover. We will always work to exceed all of your moving needs, from insurance, to service and all the details in between.

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