It’s often said that moving can be one of the most stressful times in someone’s life, whether that’s a personal move or your office. At Rose City Moving we try our very best to minimize this stress. Our moving consultants will work with you on every level and every detail of your moving to insure that everything goes as planned.

One of the many things that makes Rose City Moving one of Portland’s best movers is our moving consultants and our approach to customer service. Unlike many moving companies that have “moving salespeople” who’s only job is to close the deal and then pass the customer along to someone else to handle, we have moving consultants that are your single point of contact throughout your entire move process. No more meeting with one person, then being passed to another, then being told to call someone else come move day. All of your move planning, coordination, etc will be handled by your own move consultant start to finish.

Our move process typically starts with a walk through of your location, from this visit we can develop an accurate estimated cost for your move and determine what type of manpower and trucking will be needed for your move. If the estimate is accepted then your move consultant will work out the final move details with you, items such as dates, time, deliveries, etc. and make sure that everything will go off without a hitch. Need changes made, call your move consultant. Last minute concerns, call your move consultant. Anything… your move consultant. One point of contact to help you throughout the process.

Call Rose City Moving & Storage at 503-285-8100 to see how our move planning process and move customer service is different than the other Portland moving companies. Our 34+ years serving Portland has taught us the best ways to make sure that our move customers are as stress free as possible.

When you take good care of today’s customers, you won’t have to worry about tomorrow’s.

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