When a company has been in the commercial and residential moving business for more than thirty years, it comes as no surprise that words like “Big” and “Challenging” have totally different meanings for moving professionals than they do for civilians, like me.

After all, with customers ranging in size from individual homeowners to small businesses, and manufacturing operations to the headquarters of Fortune 500 corporations; throughout the Portland Metropolitan area, and from the Cascades to the Oregon Coast, it’s logical that they’d seen just about everything and that their context and definition came via performance.

What I learned when I asked about that revealed what degree of difficulty means in the moving industry. Things that would stop me cold in my tracks are no big deal; just another day at the office for the moving pros at Rose City.

In the last post I set the stage for describing one of the biggest and challenging moves in Rose City Moving and Storage history. I was more than a little curious to learn about it, and after visiting with key personnel, I learned a lot.

I was looking for details, and when I got ‘em I had to pick my chin up off the floor.

 Multiple locations scattered throughout Portland.
 One of them occupied five floors of an office building..
 All to be combined in a single, headquarters facility.
 1200 workstations and downtime wasn’t okay
 A process that took over four months

I asked how they managed it and the Rose City answer was simply: It’s all about Pre-move Planning.

It began with not just a walk-through, a number of them, asking questions and visual inspections.

Followed by the development of multiple, staggered ‘scopes’ projecting man-hours, method and process.

Then, defining the plan, establishing what they call the working partnership with the customer, and executing it.

It works.

Whatever your next move might be, make the right call, the confident call.

Large or small, simple or complex, down the hall, across town or across the state, trust Rose City to do it right: On-time and on-budget, that’s the Rose City way.

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