As we have for more than thirty years, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and take real pride in the relationships we’ve built and the confidence and trust you’ve placed in us. We honor that trust and pledge to continue to earn it in the years ahead.

When business customers – from small one-person offices to the executives and friends of some of the largest, major corporations become friends, it’s a special kind of good fortune.

With friends throughout Western Oregon and SW Washington, from the Cascades to Coast, we know we’re lucky that way, and it’s our privilege to serve you.

We’d also like to express our thanks to the office furnishings manufacturers, working closely with us as partners to better serve our customers. Rush and expedited orders, special features, and custom designed products to expressly meet unique needs are only possible when suppliers work with us – as ours do.

Finally, the real foundation for our success is our people, the Rose City Office Furnishings team. Dedicated to doing it right, determined to find a way when often there doesn’t appear to be one.

It reflects a company-wide commitment to service; evident in the office team, our sales and design specialists, our installation and delivery professionals. Every year more businesses choose Rose City for their office furnishings needs, and for that, thanks goes to people that care; about our customers and about each other.

When a company has been in the commercial and residential moving business for more than thirty years, it comes as no surprise that words like “Big” and “Challenging” have totally different meanings for moving professionals than they do for civilians, like me.

After all, with customers ranging in size from individual homeowners to small businesses, and manufacturing operations to the headquarters of Fortune 500 corporations; throughout the Portland Metropolitan area, and from the Cascades to the Oregon Coast, it’s logical that they’d seen just about everything and that their context and definition came via performance.

What I learned when I asked about that revealed what degree of difficulty means in the moving industry. Things that would stop me cold in my tracks are no big deal; just another day at the office for the moving pros at Rose City.

In the last post I set the stage for describing one of the biggest and challenging moves in Rose City Moving and Storage history. I was more than a little curious to learn about it, and after visiting with key personnel, I learned a lot.

I was looking for details, and when I got ‘em I had to pick my chin up off the floor.

 Multiple locations scattered throughout Portland.
 One of them occupied five floors of an office building..
 All to be combined in a single, headquarters facility.
 1200 workstations and downtime wasn’t okay
 A process that took over four months

I asked how they managed it and the Rose City answer was simply: It’s all about Pre-move Planning.

It began with not just a walk-through, a number of them, asking questions and visual inspections.

Followed by the development of multiple, staggered ‘scopes’ projecting man-hours, method and process.

Then, defining the plan, establishing what they call the working partnership with the customer, and executing it.

It works.

Whatever your next move might be, make the right call, the confident call.

Large or small, simple or complex, down the hall, across town or across the state, trust Rose City to do it right: On-time and on-budget, that’s the Rose City way.

Terri had no illusions about the degree of difficulty. Moving a manufacturing facility in Central Oregon, already operating a peak capacity and having outgrown its home to Hillsboro, to a suburb west of Portland is a big job.

“This was a job that came with unusual challenges,” she reminded me, “and we needed real pros. And not just in the bidding, everyone does that well,” she said with a smile, “but when the hard work started, throughout the move, because we really had so little margin for error.”

So, I asked the obvious question: “I assuming that’s what you got?”

“My Rose City moving consultant arrived and we toured the plant. He wanted to see everything and asked a lot of questions. They were the right questions. I liked that. I’d checked them out and knew Rose City’s reputation as the commercial mover-of-choice. They have clients throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area, Southwest Washington to Western Oregon.”

“How did the bidding process work?” I asked her.

“He told me he first had to fully understand our situation. He did, it was detailed and no-nonsense. I explained our need to do it all – start to finish – and be back in business on Monday. It didn’t scare him off. He didn’t blink. He became my dedicated go-to guy and that made my job easier.”

“And then?” I asked.

“We agreed on a price, set parameters to deal with the unexpected – remember, I’m in business, it’s inevitable – and he told me trucks and moving professionals would arrive late afternoon two days later.”

“Two semi trucks and fourteen movers. These were guys that meant business and knew how to work. Their professional demeanor impressed me. I learned, later, most had been with Rose City for years. And we got it done. They worked like it was just another day at the office – and for those guys I think it was just that. Just as I’d been promised, on budget and on time.”

“Anything you want to add?” I asked.

“Two things: Those guys ate a ton of pizza and my boss was really happy. I was too.”

Recently, I had coffee with Terri, a long-time Rose City Moving and Storage customer.

In her capacity as a facilities manager, when it comes to maintaining operational continuity with strict attention to the bottom line, the buck stops at her desk. Her responsibilities have included complex business moves and relocations throughout the Portland Metropolitan area, and beyond.

I figured – and correctly as it turned out – that she had a story or two that I’d find interesting, and I wasn’t disappointed.

My questions were straightforward, but I had more in mind that a mere autopsy of her customer experience.

I wanted to learn about her relationship with Rose City from the very beginning. How it started, what was important to her, what was that made her a customer. And what kept her a customer.

Armed with that information, I’d follow-up and learn her feelings about the move itself.

Here’s what Terri told me.

With virtually no advance warning, a manufacturing company presented her with a major challenge: Essentially, do the impossible and oh-by-the-way, with little time or margin for error.

They were moving from Bend in Central Oregon to Hillsboro. Their business – advanced grid management, transformer monitoring and substation automation – was growing so quickly that demand for their products had outstripped facility capacity. Suddenly, the plan was to leave a satellite office in Bend, relocate headquarters to the Portland area, and do it over a weekend with the least possible operational downtime.

Terri got on the phone and contacted three major moving companies. Each agreed to make the trip to Bend the next day to take a look and bid the job.

Here’s the thing. Rose City was the only one of three that showed up, and in minutes it became clear they really meant business.

A real pro with an eye on learning what it would take to move the business, willing to spend as long as necessary to develop a sound moving plan that would get the job done – on-time and on budget – without surprises on the back end.

Next time: Rose City delivers: More on what was involved.


When the time comes to move a business, most of us have the same first reaction.

We groan. And considering everything that’s involved, who can blame us?

It’s not just the packing and the anticipated operational disruption, there is also the hard work of finding a new home for you business and the moving company that can get you relocated with greater efficiency and lower stress.

Recently, I spent time visiting with some true veterans of the commercial moving trenches and asked what they thought was the secret to moving a business without owners or managers losing their minds along the way.

Admittedly, I was also curious to learn why, in the Portland Metropolitan area, from Salem to Southwest Washington, and the Cascades to the Coast, so many businesses, large and small, turn to Rose City Moving and Storage.

Why has Rose City become the mover-of-choice for so many businesses?

That’s an easy one. With over thirty-three years of experience moving businesses of all sizes, including many huge and complicated moves, Rose City is performance trusted. Add to that an A+, blemish-free Better Business Bureau record that really says it all.

How does Rose City do it better?

It’s in the planning. From the free, no-obligation moving consultation, to the on-site inspection to define the scope of the move, the Rose City way is to identify the challenges and understand the job, your needs, what’s at stake, and plan for all contingencies.

What makes Rose City different from other commercial movers?

It’s about relationships. At the heart of our relationships with customers is the recognition that it’s really a partnership. Working together, whatever unexpected needs or challenges arise, until the job is done, and your business is operating in its new home; Rose City is your partner in the process and with you every step of the way.

Let’s talk about your move.

Call, email or stop by for a free consultation.


When it comes to moving your home residence or office, in the Portland Metropolitan area, within the state or across the country, one question, often asked, is the one that matters more than any other when it comes to choosing a moving company:

What if …?

Things happen, sometimes beyond everyone’s control.

Still, preparing by asking questions and understanding your rights will protect you, your household or office furnishings and possessions and protect your move, too.

To help we offer the following links to resources that are sure to help you rest easier and move with confidence. That’s the Rose City way.

This first link is a great place to start. An easy to ready and solid overview of your rights when moving your home or office in Oregon:

Of course, it’s always a good idea to know your mover, and the following links, from the State of Oregon and the federal government, enable you to check service records for any complaints or violations.

We encourage you to do this. At Rose City we’re proud of our unblemished record. Customer satisfaction isn’t an ad slogan, it’s our way of doing business and our record proves it.

Use the next link to check the service records of moving companies in Oregon:

This one allows you to check national moving companies:

Finally, this last link is to a pretty thoughtful moving checklist, also developed by the federal government.


Don’t hesitate to call or stop by – any time!


Why does knowing your mover matter? Peace of mind only scratches the surface of why it does.

There’s a lot riding on the moving company – and the people – that you choose to do the job.

Making the wrong decision can be expensive in many ways, but how can you make the right decision? How can you know who to trust in Portland, and who to avoid?

Five things have put Rose City at the head of the class. Consider these qualities before entrusting any moving company in the Portland Metropolitan Area with your home or office.

33 Years of Experience tells you that we aren’t newcomers to the residential and office moving business. Because Rose City has been doing it right since 1979, we’re the office mover of choice in Portland and have earned the trust of more and more residential customers every year.

188,000 square foot warehouse (located in the heart of Portland) reflects our scale, capacity, and readiness for every job, large and small, residential and office moves from tiny to major corporate headquarters. Rose City Moving and Storage really does do it all.

A Staff of Full-time Professionals are trained, experienced and dedicated moving consultants and that our staff averages over ten years with the company is a matter of great pride. They’ve found a professional home with Rose City, embracing a team-oriented culture second to none in the moving industry.

The Right Equipment and Moving Supplies enable our customers to count on Rose City’s readiness to get the job done right and on time and without surprises. From a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles of every imaginable size, to green moving boxes, to the jacks, lifts and other tools of the trade, we’ve got it all.

Our A+ BBB Rating with an unblemished record says a lot about Rose City’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Doing it right for 33 years has its rewards! We are the best mover in the Portland, Tigard, Beaverton, Vancouver and more. Don’t choose the wrong mover.

Call, email or stop in for a free consultation – we look forward to seeing you!

PS…A customer sent us a photo of a “competitor” and they were happy to know that we were there to support them and they had chosen the right mover in Portland.

Know your mover


At Rose City Moving and Storage, we’ve been providing moving and storage solutions for residential and commercial customers throughout the Portland Metropolitan area, and much of Oregon and Southwest Washington, for more than three decades.

To stick with anything that long, a wise man once said, you have to love what you, and be really good at it.

We’d like to think that at Rose City, we see the truth of it everyday.

Thank goes to an unbeatable staff of experienced professionals each averaging more than ten years with us, there’s good reason for us to make the statement that moving, really is in our blood.

We’re committed to maintaining our position of Oregon’s mover of choice, and doing it right, whether you’re moving down the street, or across town, a small office or your corporate headquarters.

We’re proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau rating that in our industry is hard to come by and even harder to keep. That’s something we never forget and will never take for granted.

So, when something special and out of the ordinary occurs that reinforces our commitment and drives to doing an even better job with each new customer, it’s a special day.

And if it brings a smile to our faces, it’s truly a great day.

We had one of those recently and it came thanks to a most unexpected source.

The young son of one of our executive team let his dad know – with his inspired Legos creation of a moving van – that it wouldn’t be long until he’ll be ready to join us.

And become part of the next generation of the Rose City family.

We can’t wait!


You know what moving your home or office means. Work, lots of work, thankless work; hot, sweaty, and stressful.

Then, on the other side – once you’re there – then what? Work, lots of work, thankless work; hot, sweaty, and stressful.

So what can you do?

One option – an option we endorse enthusiastically – is to call Rose City Moving and Storage. We’re moving professionals, trusted by virtue of years of performance in the Portland Metro Area and beyond. We do it everyday, right, on time, and guarantee your satisfaction; a pledge supported by an unblemished A BBB rating without a single complaint.

But if you’re an adventurous soul and considering doing it yourself, before you start with the heavy lifting, we’d still like help: Do your moving homework.

In that spirit, helpful hints; things it’s far better to find out sooner, rather than later.

Plan ahead.

Carefully consider your timing. If you don’t, a tough job only gets tougher.

Arrange for the vehicles and other equipment in advance. Do you understand all logistical issues? Is the vehicle large enough, can you drive it, and if you can, will it work on both ends?

Remember to pack early, pack wisely, with an eye on proper labeling and organization.

Determine special needs.

Do you need help with loading and unloading? If so, where’s it coming from, can you have confidence in their knowledge and reliability?

Do you have large, difficult to move items, or breakable ones, and what about family heirlooms of greater value that need an extra dose of TLC?

What about jacks, piano boards, and other tools of the trade to handle everything from beds to entertainment centers and more? Do you need help to disassemble and reassemble big items?

Your Moving Emergency Kit.

What you can’t live without, like toiletries, medicines, documents, a teddy bear one of your little ones can’t live without, and whatever you need right away. It sure beats wading through a mountain of boxes and tearing them open to find mission-critical stuff.


For your confidence, for your trust, for the recognition and for your business!

Recently, Rose City Moving and Storage was invited to submit a proposal to be considered for a contract to provide all moving services for Multnomah County.

We’re proud to announce that Rose City was awarded the contract, and for that, as a company, we’re humbled, grateful and more than just a little proud. We earned it and worked hard.Akkurat na far du 200% i bonus opp til 3000 kroner om du registrerer deg via Casinoonline.

Still, for the wonderful things it says about our company, we think it many ways it says even more about our culture.

We spend precious little time looking back and celebrating past successes, our focus is looking ahead, preparing for future opportunities and challenges.

To become the mover of choice for Multnomah County meant we’d be compared and judged alongside many other successful companies.

It was stiff competition. In keeping with the diverse services needed, the capabilities required to meet them encompass nearly all phases of the commercial office moving industry.

The process was complex and attests to the due diligence that a one of the largest, and most diverse, counties in Oregon brings to the task of making not only the right choice, but the best choice.

Moving a commercial office is anything but straightforward. The offices of today – and tomorrow – include complex space configurations, modular office systems, panels and cubicles, a world of seating, workplace, storage, panels systems and lighting options, and more.

Jobs have to be completed on-time and done right, and in selecting Rose City Moving and Storage, Multnomah Country thoughtfully considered our history, capacity, performance and record of putting customers first.

And one final factor that, to us, speaks to today and tomorrow: Green is much more than a trendy or fashionable slogan. Environmental responsibility is part of Rose City’s way of doing business.

Thank you, Multnomah County for properly taking all of this into account, and for recognizing Rose City.

We’ll continue to do what we’ve always done: Working hard to earn our customers’ trust and justify your confidence.