Yes, it can, and it’s easier than you think.

At Rose City Moving and Storage, we take great pride in conducting business in the most environmentally responsible way possible. From an inventory of more than 2700 Green moving boxes made of recycled materials, to our fleet of vehicles selected and maintained to deliver efficient performance, it’s the right thing to do.

Whether it’s time to move your home or office, there are easy steps you can take to make your move eco-friendly!

 How you pack can really make a huge difference. Pack tightly. You’ll conserve space and use fewer boxes. This is especially important in residential moves where cardboard still rules the day, so you’ll minimize waste.

 Better still, our Green moving crates are a great option as they’re used over and over.

 Boxes can be packed with biodegradable materials, to further reduce your carbon footprint, and many people use pillows and towels.

 Select a vehicle that is large enough to accommodate your needs but not too large. Our fleet includes vehicles for all sizes.

 Think twice about what you’re going to get rid of. Move what you need but don’t just toss-out what you don’t. Donate, have a garage sale, offer items you no longer need or have room for free on services like Craigslist, you’ll get smaller without adding waste.

 This can even include food that you aren’t moving. What you don’t take is needed – and will be welcomed – at shelters, soup kitchens or give it to friends and family.

 Don’t forget to plan ahead and cancel your utilities and garbage services, to minimize the impact of your departure to your new home or office.

 This includes notifying the Post Office, and eliminating the likelihood of subscriptions and junk mail dead-ending and piling up at your old address.

 Clean your home before you move and it will be less likely that a service using harsh chemicals will be needed to get it ready after you’ve moved to your new home.

These are all small things to be sure, but when it comes to Going Green, it’s the little things that will make a big difference.


Simple enough to say, but just how do you choose? One thing nearly everyone agrees upon is that when the time comes to move your home or business, it can be an overwhelming, confusing, and emotionally draining experience with many more questions than answers.

We understand. Since 1979, Rose City Moving has provided Portland based moving services with unsurpassed performance earning an unequalled level of customer satisfaction. So, it’s no mystery why every year, more and more people trust us to get it done right, on time and on budget.
If you’re preparing for a move and choosing a mover, here’s what you can count on with Rose City Moving and Storage.

It’s with confidence that we encourage you to compare us with any and all competitors.

There is simply no substitute for experience. Our 33-year record of customer satisfaction is a result of understanding what our customers expect and delivering it every time, for jobs large and small.

We’re experts in both residential household moves and office moves, but have experienced, dedicated teams of specialists for each. The professionals entrusted with your move aren’t simply next up; we match expertise with the task at hand. Our staff averages over ten years tenure, and in many cases worked somewhere else before finding a professional home with Rose City.

You may hear other movers tout their BBB rating, but there’s more to a “rating” than meets the eye. Rose City’s A+ Better Business Bureau isn’t a result of resolving complaints or disputes. It’s what comes of an unblemished record without complaints. The move isn’t finished until you’re satisfied; it’s our way of doing business.

Unlike other movers, Rose City Moving is Portland-based, always has been and always will be. We aren’t shackled by an affiliation with a large out-of-state corporation. Decisions are made quickly and locally, another way we ensure your satisfaction.

Rose City business customers appreciate that our office division that not only sells and services today’s complex modular office systems, but also features a dedicated installation team standing by to provide the service and support you deserve.

Our 188,000+ square foot warehouse is centrally located with an impressive fleet of vehicles of all sizes to meet every need and quickly and efficiently deploy throughout the metropolitan area. Plus, we feature flex space, additional capacity that is larger than most movers’ primary facilities, allowing us to accommodate storage needs both long and short-term.

We’re prepared for emergencies and the unexpected – and should they arise, Rose City is ready.

Call us today and let’s discuss your move. We look forward to hearing from you!


Every move is unique and it takes moving professionals that understand your needs to get it done right and on-time, start to finish.

Whether you’re moving your family to their new home, or your business to its new home, large or small, simple and straightforward to large and complex, Rose City Moving and Storage has the experience, track record and all the tools.

It’s what we call The Rose City Difference. The idea is a faster, safer, less stressful and more environmentally friendly move.

Starting with the right moving boxes. We’ve invested thousands of dollars in the right boxes to get you started without delay, and finished faster. Consider these important differences.

 More Efficient Packing – No boxes to assemble, ready to pack now
 Easier on Employees – Moving crates are packed on their own dollies
 Saves on Move Costs – Crates are ready to roll when the movers arrive
 More Secure than Boxes – Lid flaps interlock and can be locked or zip-tied
 Sturdy and Stable – Solid plastic crates stack and can’t crush like boxes
 Environmentally Friendly – Made to be reused over and over and over again

Our green moving boxes are an indication of how Rose City has changed with changing times, but if you prefer cardboard boxes – and for items planned for lengthy storage they make sense – no problem, it’s your call!

Many customers mix and match with a combination of our green moving boxes and traditional boxes.

And when the big day arrives, Rose City is ready, with a fleet of vehicles to accommodate every sized move.

Rose City Moving boasts an impressive fleet comprised of dozens of vehicles and trailers; passenger vans to tractor-trailers and everything in between. Such a diverse fleet allows us the flexibility to put the right trucks on the job when they’re needed, again ensuring a customer’s needs are met while employing efficient, environmentally sound choices whenever possible.


Regardless of the business, there is something that the majority of companies have in common, and it’s not a good thing. They suffer from the same malady.

Employee turnover: A revolving door spinning out of control and never stopping.

The simple truth is that employee turnover puts tremendous pressure on any company to maintain consistent, effective and efficient service, instead leaving customers to wonder why they always seem to be dealing with someone new.

And it gets worse. Customers can’t help but begin asking themselves about the reason behind so many employees coming and going and so few employees choosing to stay.

This is important because every business is ultimately a reflection of their employees.

Because of this, it comes as no surprise that nearly everyone can agree on two important things.

First, businesses with ongoing turnover almost always have other problems and issues.

And second, employee turnover forces businesses into a crisis mentality, and this comes at a big price: Priority One becomes hiding it from customers instead of serving customers.

We understandably take great pride in the fact that this is a problem we don’t have at Rose City Moving and Storage.

Our employees average over ten years of service with the company.

In fact, many employees came to Rose City with industry experience elsewhere, and embracing the way we do business, found professional homes.

It’s easy to explain.

At Rose City Moving and Storage, we never forget that at the heart of a great company are great people; professional, experienced and dedicated to doing the job right by putting customers first.


When the Better Business Bureau bestows an A+ rating on a business, consumers rightfully will do business with that company with a measure of real confidence and trust that is increasingly rare today.

At Rose City Moving and Storage, we’re proud of our A+ rating – it’s the only one we’ve ever had – but it in our case, there’s more to the story.

And the story gets even better when you understand how these ratings work, so first, a little history to provide some perspective.

The Better Business Bureau was founded in 1912, so we’re talking about an organization with a century of service, dedicated to ethical business practices.

The BBB is a privately held, non-profit corporation. Its local affiliates are comprised of member businesses that pledge to adhere to its standards, the BBB Code of Business Practices, and the information it gleans from the public, is shared and used to vet its members.

The public is protected against fraud and offers many invaluable serves, most notably, the ability to serve as a trusted mediator between consumers and businesses to help resolve disputes.

Little wonder that an A+ Rating is coveted by every business.

But the more you know about the internal system, the prouder we are of ours.

As you’d expect, when a business finds itself embroiled in a dispute or a rash of customer complaints, will find that its rating is downgraded.

Nonetheless, the business can restore its rating by satisfactorily resolving the dispute.

In this sense, all A+ Ratings aren’t necessarily the same.

At Rose City, we’ve never had that problem.

In our 33 year history, we haven’t had a single dispute, we have an unblemished record. Almost unheard of for an office moving or residential moving company and we’re both!

Doing business the right way, for us is the only way.

Always has been, always will be, because it’s the Rose City way. Proud to call ourselves Portland’s Best Mover.

Moving your office or home in Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton, Tigard or any of the other surrounding areas of Portland?

We all love, who doesn’t really love getting great deals on all sorts of random stuff? However, getting a “deal” on a mover can be less of a deal than you had ever imagined. Hopefully you’ve seen the TV stings done on the unlicensed and uninsured people advertising themselves as movers on the internet. There’s a reason why these “movers” can be so cheap, they have you rent the truck, they have no references and if there’s damage or any other issues then you can bet that they’ll likely have a new phone number next week too. Who are these craigslist movers? No one really knows and trust me you probably don’t want to. What’s to guarantee that these so called movers will actually show up on move day? Nothing….in fact we even had one distraught person call us because her “movers” had called to say that they don’t move in the rain. We were able to help get her move completed even in the rain.

When you hire Rose City Moving to move you then you know that you’re not only getting the best move possible, but a mover that you can trust. All of Rose City’s movers are drug tested, background checked and receive continuous training on safe and secure moving techniques. It’s safe to say that the other 2 man moving companies aren’t any of those things. In fact, tomorrow they might not even be movers at all, maybe they’ll be a landscaping company. Rose City Moving has been the Portland areas best mover since 1979, that’s 33 years of serving all of your moving needs!!

If you”re moving soon, don”t forget to submit your change of address information to the United States Postal Service before your move. There are a lot of scam moving websites that want to charge you $20 just to submit your change of address info, but the truth is it only costs $1 at

You can go to the site and follow the links or just go directly there with this link:
blackjack online Change of Address” target=”_blank”>

Whether you”re moving your Portland area home or moving a Portland based business, Rose City Moving & Storage would be honored to help you move. Our staff is ready to answer all your move questions and make sure that everything is moved on time.

We’re pleased to show off our new Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified moving boxes. These boxes will be used mostly for our office moving customers, but household move customers also find them handy for moving items like books and other small and heavy items. The obvious change to our moving boxes is the addition of the information about our office furniture division Rose City Office Furnishings.

What isn’t quite as clear is that the moving boxes are made using a more modern cardboard construction. The moving boxes are a lighter weight cardboard, making them a greener solution, but thanks to a special coating and production process they are rated for holding more weight. We think that our move customers will agree that these are the best moving boxes offered in the Portland Metro Area.

Today, Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) is an independent, non-profit organization responsible for maintaining, overseeing and improving a sustainable forestry certification program that is internationally recognized and is the largest single forest standard in the world. The SFI 2010-2014 Standard is based on principles and measures that promote sustainable forest management and consider all forest values. It includes unique fiber sourcing requirements to promote responsible forest management on all forest lands in North America. SFI certification also extends to the market. When they see the SFI label on a product, consumers can be confident they are buying wood or paper from certified forests or certified sourcing – whether it is reams of paper, packaging, or lumber products.

For more info:

Thanks again for allowing Rose City Moving to be Portland’s mover of choice and we look forward to moving you to your new location soon.
Office Moving BoxMoving Box - SFI

Rose City Moving is going GREEN!

In Rose City’s quest to be Porltand’s best mover year after year we have continued to invest in our moving equipment in order to serve our customers. We are happy to announce that we have just placed an order for an additional 1,200 green moving crates and the dollies to match. This will bring our total moving crate count to 2,700 crates, the largest moving crate stock of any mover in Portland! With 2,700 moving crates we will be able to continually serve all of our customers and provide them all with a green move solution.

Rose City Moving & Storage already has the largest moving equipment inventory in the Portland area, the green moving crates are just another piece of our customer service puzzle. With hundreds of moving carts, furniture dollies, hand trucks and more Rose City has all of the moving equipment to insure that your move is performed in the most efficient way possible. Whether you’re moving in Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton, Tigard or any of the other surrounding areas of Portland you can be assured that you’re using the best mover possible.

Thanks again for choosing Rose City Moving & Storage for your office or residential move.

Rose City Moving - Green Move Crates

Can you have a green office move? Sure you can!

Here at Rose City Moving & Storage we do everything that we can to insure that your move is as friendly to the environment as possible. For office moves we can either use our Green Moving Crates or our recycled moving boxes. The green crates are very handy for large office moves where the customer plans to pack and then unpack within about weeks time. If the boxes need to stay packed longer, then cardboard moving boxes make the most sense for sure.

The Green Moving Crates have many advantages from easier to pack to quicker to move, you can also secure confidential files by locking the end with zip ties or actual locks. For the green move plan you can take comfort in knowing that the crates will be used over and over and over again….. But don”t rule out the traditional cardboard moving boxes just yet! Moving boxes can be packed quickly, are lighter when packed, used for long term storage and they too are very green. The bwinYour fast lane to the world of sports betting!more infoYour chance to bust your opponents wherever you are! Choose your poker app!more infoTake your mobile phone and enter the biggest casino you can imagine!more infoExperience this classic game in a new look! Take your skills to the Blackjack tables wherever you are and see if you’ve got what it takes to leave as a winner!This is your unrestricted access to the biggest mobile poker network around! Whenever you feel the need to play some hands – take a seat at the tables!ElectraWorks Limited, the provider of this website, is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner under the Gambling Act 2005. boxes start off being made from sustainable forests and recycled cardboard, once in use they are typically used for about 10 moves (tags are peeled off and the boxes are rebundled each time) and then when their life as a cardboard moving box is done they are recycled so that someday they can come back again as a new moving box.

For household moves the old cardboard box still wins the day. The multiple box sizes and ability to keep stuff packed for weeks….or years (you know who you are!) make the cardboard box the best choice for home moves.

Please talk to your move consultant and they will help you determine the best way to get your belonging moved to your new office or home. Thanks again for helping us be Portland”s Best Mover.